About Us


To be among the leading auctioneers and allied services, private investigators, debt collectors, private process servers and core service providers in the Republic of Kenya.

OUR GOAL:     

To satisfy our clients by providing them with affordable high quality services which consistently meet their specifications.


OKUKU AGENCIES AUCTIONEERS is committed to satisfy the organization’s clientele by providing proper/actual/factual private investigation reports, Affidavits of service and delivery of hire purchase assets in given time in accordance with the client’s requirements.

  • Continuously meet our client's specific needs by achieving and delivering quality services, through application of quality management systems that improves efficiency. 
  • Constantly strive for continuous improvement of our core services regardless of how good the qualities of our services are today. 
  • Ensure that quality depends on the serious commitment of each process owner, through communication and update with our clients and other agencies related to us for optimal benefit.   
  • Become a client focused organization through training and by implanting performance review process at individual, team and corporate levels for the purpose of achieving our goal.